A military is an armed force officially authorised and maintained by a state, (typically the Head of the State) intended to protect the sovereignty of the state/country, and authorised to use arms & ammunition to indulge in warfare and other functions and tasks according to state interests and policies. Generally speaking, the armed forces of any country consists of 3 branches – Army, Navy & Air Force.  In this list, we dig into statistics to determine which countries in the world today have capabilities that make them the top 10 Military Forces in the world.

1. US 

United States has the top most Armed forces in world, its called as Department of Defense (DoD). Currently their DoD is Mr. Patrick M. Shananhan. It was formed in 1947 and currently divided majorly into three departments – Army, Air Force and Navy (US Navy and US Marine Crops). The US of A approximately have around 1.4 Million military staff.

2. Russia 

Russia has been ranked second for their Armed Forces which is commonly known as Russian Armed Forces. They were established on 7th May 1992 after the dissolution of the Soviet Union which occurred on 21 Dec 1991. The Armed Forces under the Military of Defense is commonly divided into three – Ground Forces, Aerospace Forces and Navy. They have around 1 Million active personnel. The Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Armed Forces is the President of Russia.

3. China

The Armed forces of China are called Republic of China Armed Forces. It encompasses of Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Police Force and have around 2.1 Million active personnel.

4. India

The Indian Military force is commonly known as Indian Armed Forces. It mainly consists of three services; Army, Navy and Air Force, but additionally it is assisted by Coast Guard and Paramilitary Organisations. India has approximately 1.4 Million active personnel. Though India is governed by a democratically elected Prime Minister, the President of India reigns as the Supreme Commander of Indian Forces

5. Japan

Japan’s Armed Forces are known as Japan Self Defence Forces where Prime Minister is the Commander in Chief. Japan Ground Self Defence, Japan Maritime Self Defence and Japan Air Self Defence are the main service branches. They have around 247 Thousand active personnel.

6. South Korea

The Armed Forces of South Korea are called Republic of Korean Armed Forces. They have around 625 thousand active personnel in Army, Navy (including Marine Corps) and Air Force. President is Command in Chief.

7. France

The French Armed Forces consists of the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the National Guard and the Gendamerie. they have around 625 thousand active personnel. The President is the Chief of Armed Forces.

8. Italy

The armed forces of Italy is known as Italian Armed Forces. It’s main branches are Army, Navy and Air Force, but has fourth branch known as Carabinieri, which serves as national’s military police. It has a round 387 thousand active personnel. The President of Italy leads these forces.

9. Germany

The German Armed Forces are called Bundeswehr, and have mainly 2 parts; Military and Civil. Military part is the federal Defense which consist of Army, Navy, Air Force, Joint Support Service, Joint Medical Service and the Cyber and Information Space Command. they have around 181 thousand active personnel.

10. United Kingdom

The British Armed Forces are commonly known as Her Majesty’s Armed Forces and has Army, Navy and Air Force as their main branches. They have een many great wars like Seven Years war, Napoleonic War, CrimeanWar, First World War and Second World War. they have around 134 thousand active personnel.



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